At IMPACT MARKETING GROUP, we are so convinced that our programs generate real results for our clients that our compensation can even be tied to your business’s growth. It’s real simple! If we don’t grow your business, you don’t pay! How can we do this? Simple, OUR METHODS WORK! By the time you’re done with this audio CD program, you’ll understand HOW and WHY.

That’s the GOOD NEWS. The BAD NEWS is that we can only help one company in your industry and in your area execute these strategies. So, it will either be you or your competitor, whoever gets to us first. So, please don’t hesitate. Make the time to listen to this audio program right now before one of your competitors does.

The Total Dominance audio program is professionally produced, and can be played on computer, and other CD players, including vehicle CD players. In fact, we encourage you to listen to the CDs during drive-time. It’s a great way to absorb this important information without office distractions.

This set normally sells for $199, and listeners frequently tell us they’d pay far more for this level of marketing expertise. In light of this, we ask you to return the full set if, for any reason, you don’t think it will work for your business. We’ve included a postage-paid return envelope for this purpose.

100% of the companies that have invested the time to listen to this program have not only kept it, they’ve immediately implemented it into their businesses. 100% … that’s how valuable they found it. And we have every confidence you’ll find it just as valuable.

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